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North Sargent Alumni


North Sargent Alumni Committee Members:

Chris Mathias - President   678-2374
Karla Waloch - Secretary   678-2392
Kris Ulven   678-2444 (Work)
Diane (DeeDee) McDaniel   678-2730
Terry Euscher   678-2114
AJ Enderson   678-2365
Kelsey Beckstrom   678-2381

Scholarship Information:

Criteria: Must have at least one parent that graduated from North Sargent
Recipient Information: After a student has been awarded the North Sargent Alumni Scholarship, it will go towards the spring semester of college. The student MUST send a copy of their spring semester schedule, or class list, to Karla Waloch at kwaloch@gmail.com. This must be sent to her before the spring tuition is due, otherwise the scholarship money will not be awarded until the next school year. After Karla receives the spring semester schedule, she will send a check to the college the student is attending.